A bit about me + Chakredy®

You're too sensitive.

If you’re anything like me, that’s a phrase you definitely grew up with. Sensitivity, supposedly your greatest gift, can take you down faster than anything. It can spin you into overwhelm, anxiety and fatigue. That is, when you don’t know what to do with it.

I train you how to work with energy.

Working with energy is easier than you think. We all experience it. Learning how to tune in and connect intentionally with energy is natural, empowering, grounding and magical. Chakredy® is not your typical energy work and these are not your typical pendulums. Find out more about what that means.

Why Pendulums?

Pendulums are sacred tools. They are physical objects that respond to energy and harmonize the relationship between the intellect and intuition. The pendulum invites you to connect your immediate intuitive impressions with a the physical response and movement of the pendulum.

Not your typical energy work.

Chakredy® is not your typical energy work. It is not based on someone doing something to you. Chakredy® facilitates a return to self. It serves as a guide for you to move inward and upward, to support and strengthen your own sacred connection with soul and spirit.

Not your typical pendulum.

The pendulums used in the Chakredy® work are unlike other pendulums. They are crystal clear and highly responsive to the Chakredy® field. They do not work in a predictive capacity and are not here to read your future. These pendulums facilitate a direct dialogue with the energy and are used as perceptive tools to be applied to each practitioner's unique lens.

Ready to put a stop to intuitive override?

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I never thought my career would be based on chakras and pendulums. But most of the time the universe works in mysterious ways....

Chakredy® is an entire system of energetic assessment and healing. It works with specialized crystal pendulums. These pendulums move in specific ways to communicate specific things in the energy.

Basically, Chakredy® is tangible magic that you can see with your own two eyes.

Alexis founded Chakredy® in 2014 shortly after the birth of her daughter, the catalyst for great things. Since 2015 over 100 people have trained in the Chakredy® System with a small group of students completing the challenging route of certification.

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My Official Bio

Alexis Saloutos, MS, CN, holds her degrees in nutrition from Bastyr University. She has trained in a variety of modalities including various energy healing techniques, bodywork, muscle testing, flower essences and more.

Chakredy® is an energy field that Alexis engages with directly. She attunes, trains and certifies other practitioners in this method as it encompasses an entire system of energetic assessment and healing.

The Chakredy® System has revealed itself over the years through pendulum work and the dreamscape, bridging the seen with the unseen. It is an assimilation of guidance from mentors from this life and beyond and a lineage of ancient teachings that have been reclaimed through remembering, pulled through the ethers into form.

With an international outreach, Alexis helps others to embody their inherent intuitive abilities, expand their energetic awareness and experience magic both personally and professionally.

enter the realm.